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Since 1929, Auto Archives has been helping generations of buyers and sellers complete “win-win” transactions for all parties involved. We make the process of buying, owning or liquidating easy. We also evaluate, appraise and locate hard to find beauties!

Saving You Time, Money and Aggravation  

Prepare for the worst by documenting your vehicle's replacement value. 


Auto Archives Chart

of Automotive History

This is the infamous hand-written automotive chart showing the history of transportation

All Electric 1967 Mustang Fastback

This is just one example of the unique vehicles we appraise, evaluate, write about and often drive!



 Be prepared for a nightmare should anything happen to your beauty. We have witnessed thousands of worst-case scenarios. The small cost of having us legally document the value of your vehicle has saved our clients much time, money and aggravation. Other reasons are pre-purchase research/documentation, negotiation, arbitration, court, estate settlements, divorce and liquidation.

Pre-Purchase and Liquidation

Most of our clients prefer discretion when buying or liquidating. They count on us to find the best overall deal for them. We have performed this service well generations. We also offer public, on-site auction services for expediting liquidation. Contact us for a free consultation before buying or selling.

Vehicle Research/Car History

Some offer generic research that leaves out many unreported details that can turn into major problems. We can often find your vehicles history including where it was built, what dealer first sold it, who has owned it and most importantly, who has serviced or repaired it. The information is out there in our 90+ years of reliable contacts and network. We have retrieved accurate information for the United States Supreme Courts and attorneys.

Insurance Claims

If you are involved in an automobile related insurance claim, call us before calling anyone . Did you know what you say to others regarding anything to do with a claim almost always comes back to affect a fair and timely resolve? We have saved many clients time, money and frustration by simply knowing what to say and when to say it because we know the insurance industry inside and out. We can  guide you through the process or act as your legal representative, as we have in thousands of cases.

For Sale: Rare 1988 Mazda Rx7 Garage Kept! 

$17,500 Appraised value, make an offer today! 

  This is truly a fun sports car ready to be shipped to your door or ready for enclosed transport. The convertible top is new and everything works. All details will be handled by myself personally. Value currently placed by State Farm is $17,500. Make an offer!

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“If you own, looking to buy or sell, Auto Archives handles every detail .”

Theresa Conley, Greenville Delaware

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